Larome is a new way of understanding the world of perfumes. Hundreds of essences, natural oils and exotic raw materials have been used in developing a complete variety of aromas; you are going to be transported to a world of scent delight.

All perfumes have their place in Larome. International designers use the same raw materials to make famous and popular fragrances, which are in the best perfumeries under recognized and valued brands.

In Larome we want to bring to all the luxury of smell. No need to pay more to enjoy of the aromas and perfumes which were previously reserved for a few. Once you try Larome you will establish that the best fragrances are available not only to a privileged few.

In Larome you are getting all the fragrances in a single trademark.

To believe it…….just try it.

LAROME Quality

LAROME has created the Aromaperdura label as a guarantee of quality in all its aromas.

The exact amount of oils and essences make our perfumes accompany you throughout the day, so you do not give up the quality of a great perfume, without having to pay more for it.

In Larome we know that a perfume that lasts is a perfume to be remembered.

How to choose a perfume

We recommend choosing the perfume in the early hours of the morning, since smell is more sensitive. That day it’s better not to wear any kind of aroma.

We suggest not trying on more than three perfumes at a time, since after trying three fragrances smell is lost and most likely confusing the aromas. Never smell directly of the container it’s best done at a distance. The right way is to spray a little in the air, and to smell and feel the development of the fragrance. When testing on the skin, wrists are the best place, but do not rub against each other, since it could be destroying the structure of the perfume.

The same perfume smells a certain way on each person. It has to do with the amount of water in the skin, body temperature, the pH of the skin, etc.

Finally, do not make the mistake of choosing a perfume that you like how it smells on someone else, since the personal chemistry transforms it. Decide when you feel the aroma harmonizes with the senses, and melts into your skin and fits your personality..

How to use a perfume

A perfume is a living substance evolving on the surface that is deposited, passing us all its finesse through evaporation, of its components.

Wearing a fragrance is like an invisible suit we put on the body. As a general rule, the scent of high concentration the eau de perfume, should be used with “soft pats” as if we were to draw a line, while the eau de cologne is applied to more extensive areas.

We perfume especially warmer areas of the body and with "beats" the neck, ears, in the crease of the elbows and knees, wrists and finger tips. Never perfume under the nose, neck and chest, as the smell is soaked.

The fragrances are highly dissolving oils, applied with the tip of your fingers can contaminate the edge of the container and alter the aroma. For this reason we recommend using fragrance spray, as well as creating a fine mist that spreads over wider areas of the skin, extending the essence more effectively. We recommend spraying on two or three areas of the body, at a distance of 9-11 inches. This helps to spread the perfume and make it more durable.

As regards to the amount, it should be applied until you feel a slight moisture in the skin.

It is not advisable to apply a perfume on clothes. You can on a suit or coat flap or the bottom of the skirt (inside).Silk and leather should not be perfumed ever.

It is important not to use too much perfume. We must remember that the proper amount is usually a little less than we believe needed.

The History of perfume

Since the beginning until now, the history of perfume accompanies man throughout time. It served in the days of Exchange, of protection against diseases, magical potions and love messages. THE PERFUME HAS WITNESSED EVERY TIME PERIOD.

IN ANCIENT TIMES perfume did not exist as such, but aromatic plants, flowers and resins were dedicated to the worship of the Gods.

IN THE MIDDLE AGES it was believed that plants had healing powers. With Marco Polo appears the trade in species and from Orient new raw materials and the first perfume techniques. Starting with the technique of distillation. The use of perfume accompanied the birth of a certain air of life.

IN RENAISSANCE the great explorers began to travel to other countries and bring us new raw materials such as vanilla, pepper, cloves, tobacco, etc. In court, courtesans and Queens competed for the first beauty recipes. The great perfume makers of this time period permanently settled in France. Women were seduced by fashion and perfume during

THE CENTURY OF LIGHTS. The first rules of elegance were literally created. The Chemists enriched and bettered the distillation techniques. Jean Antoine Farina launches the first cologne.

Between 1850 and 1900 the perfume undergoes a great change. The first synthetic products were born. It is the origin of MODERN PERFUMERY.

At the BEGINNING OF THE 20th CENTURY perfume becomes a luxury product with unique packaging and begins to get the first names. Women forget the corset and become emancipated.. By mid-century fashion-designing and perfumes are associated. The sewers transmitted to perfume their character. In the 60’s entry occurs in the general perfume market. Men and women begin an individual marathon, where the perfumes intensify thebody of the man and the female are strong fragrances. New trends and movements appear which, also are reflected to perfumery, during the 1990’s. Conceptual perfumes are born coming from France and the United States that seduce the sophisticated woman.

At the END OF THE 20th CENTURY the perfumers give us fragrances that give us peace of mind, such as vanilla, caramel and chocolate. Women and men dream of a world of pureness, less materialistic, and eager to go back to childhood.

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