Indiferent Indiferent
Man Man
Woman Woman
Unisex Unisex




Indiferent Indiferent
Spring Spring
Summer Summer
Autumn Autumn
Winter Winter

Type of use

Indiferent Indiferent
Day Day
Night Night

Olfative families

Indiferent Indiferent
Amber Amber
Aromatic Aromatic
Cyprus Cyprus
Floral Floral
Fruity Fruity
Hesperide Hesperide
Oriental Oriental
Woody Woody

Olfactory notes

Indiferent Indiferent
Amber Amber
Anise Anise
Apple Apple
Aquatic Aquatic
Bamboo Bamboo
Bergamot Bergamot
Black currants Black currants
Candy Candy
Carnation Carnation
Cedar Cedar
Cherry Cherry
Cinnamon Cinnamon
Cocoa Cocoa
Coffee Coffee
Daffodil Daffodil
Fig Fig
Freesia Freesia
Gardenia Gardenia
Geranium Geranium
Ginger Ginger
Grapefruit Grapefruit
Honey Honey
Incense Incense
Iris Iris
Jasmine Jasmine
Lavender Lavender
Leather Leather
Lemon - Lime Lemon - Lime
Lily Lily
Magnolia Magnolia
Mandarin Mandarin
Mango Mango
Mint Mint
Moss Moss
Muguette Muguette
Musk Musk
Nard Nard
Neroli Neroli
Nutmeg Nutmeg
Or. blossom Or. blossom
Orchid Orchid
Osmanthus Osmanthus
Oud wood Oud wood
Patchouli Patchouli
Peach Peach
Pear Pear
Peony Peony
Pineapple Pineapple
Pink pepper Pink pepper
Plum Plum
Praline Praline
Rose Rose
Rosemary Rosemary
Saffron Saffron
Sage Sage
Sandalwood Sandalwood
Tobacco Tobacco
Tonka bean Tonka bean
Vanilla Vanilla
Vetiver Vetiver
Violet Violet
Wood Wood
Ylang Ylang Ylang Ylang
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