Discover the Larome world

Larome is a new way of understanding the world of perfume. Hundreds of essences, natural oils and exotic raw materials have been needed to develop a complete range of aromas that will transport you to a world of olfactory delights.

All perfumes have their place in Larome. International designers use the same raw materials to create famous and well-known fragrances, which we find in the best perfumeries under recognized and sought-after brands.

At Larome we want to bring the luxury of smell closer to everyone. It is not necessary to pay more to be able to enjoy aromas and perfumes that until now were reserved for a few. When you try Larome you will not think again that the best fragrances are only available to a privileged few.

LAROME quality 

Larome has created the AromaPerdura seal as a guarantee of quality in all its aromas.

The exact amount between oils and essences make our perfumes accompany you throughout the day so that you do not give up the quality of a great perfume, without having to pay more for it.

We know that a perfume that lasts
is a perfume that is remembered

Our catalog

We assure you that our catalog of fragrances is extensive, and when we say extensive, we mean hundreds of fragrances!

Month after month, we study the market and listen to your requests to create new fragrances that suit your tastes and preferences.

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