Arab perfumes: history of their origin

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The art of perfumery has its roots in ancient Egypt , but it was in the Arabian culture that innovative techniques for fragrance making were perfected and developed .

The Arabs not only mastered the art of creating exquisite perfumes, but also established a thriving trade in scents and spices . In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of Arabian perfume and its enduring influence on the world of perfumery.

History of perfume in Arabia

The origins of perfume in Arabia go back to antiquity, where the Arabs discovered the aromatic properties of various plants and resins. Influenced by Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures, they began to use scented oils in religious rituals and as part of their daily lives.

The Arabs perfected the techniques of distillation and extraction of essences to obtain high quality essential oils. They were the ones who perfected the alembic to distill alcohol, which they used to obtain the base of the perfume. This led to rapid expansion, trade and popularity in the Middle Ages and a revolution in the way perfumes are made.

In addition, they were the first to use alcohol in the elaboration of perfumes, which allowed a greater fixation and duration of the fragrances.

The arrival of perfumery in Spain

With the arrival of the Arabs in Spain , perfume took a new route: it reached France, a country that knew how to industrialize it.

Despite the expulsion of the Arabs from the Iberian Peninsula, the perfumers had the privilege of remaining in Spain. If they had left the country, they would have taken their secrets with them: the unique formulas for the creation of their fragrances.


The best Arab equivalence perfumes

At LAROME we have a wide catalog of equivalence among which you can find the best imitation Arab perfumes . Discover them!


ANGELICA by LAROME (25F) Women's Perfume

A fragrance full of olfactory emotions. Aroma of cotton candy, chocolate, praline...

The fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot , pineapple and red fruits , which give way to a heart of jasmine , praline and nutmeg. At the base are warm and sensual notes of patchouli, vanilla, caramel and chocolate, giving the fragrance a sweet, exotic and gourmand feel .

It is a unique and enigmatic fragrance that evokes the magic and mystery of the Arabian nights in each application.


OPIO NOIRE by LAROME (76F) Women's Perfume

OPIO NOIRE is a perfume that transports you to the exotic and seductive places of Arab culture.

In the opening, notes of black coffee and pink pepper intertwine, creating an intriguing combination. These intense and addictive notes evoke the captivating aroma of the Arab souks , full of spices and emotions.

As the fragrance unfolds, the floral notes of jasmine and orange blossom unfold, adding an exotic and feminine touch to the composition. At its base, it reveals the warmth and mystery of patchouli and cedar.


ZAHIM by LAROME (14M) Men's Perfume

Notes of incense and exotic spices merge, creating an intoxicating and mystical sensation . As the fragrance unfolds, notes of vanilla, leather and tonka bean unfurl, adding a soft and creamy sweetness to the composition.

It is a perfect fragrance for those who seek to stand out with a touch of mystery and elegance on every occasion.


EXTREMO by LAROME (27M) Men's Perfume

Original , different and exuberant.

With top notes of Sicilian lemon and sage, followed by a heart composed of cinnamon, praline and cardamom, this fragrance is a mixture of freshness and sweetness that blends with a woody background of amber and patchouli.


EMIRATES by LAROME Niche Perfume Unisex

At the top, saffron and bergamot lead the way to a heart of Oud wood and Bulgarian rose that add a touch of sensuality and mystery. Base notes of sugar cane, tonka bean , amber , white musk, and oakmoss create a long-lasting base.

EMIRATES is a bold, spicy and fiery fragrance that captures the essence of the exotic culture of the Emirates.

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