Christmas perfume guide

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What better way to celebrate this season? On our blog, we take you by the hand (or rather, by the nose!) through a fragrance-filled journey for everyone on your gift list.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for mom, your partner, or a friend, you'll find the best suggestions here. From the classics that never go out of style to the new olfactory stars that are making a splash.

Join us and discover the ultimate holiday gift list!

For Mom:

1. CINCO by LAROME (8 Female): A timeless classic with floral notes and a hint of vanilla.

2. NIGHT BLUE by LAROME (36 Female): Fresh, with citrus and floral notes perfect for everyday wear.

3. MISDI BOUQUET by LAROME (80 Female): A soft floral fragrance with hints of lily and peony.


For Dad:

1. SALVAJE by LAROME (39 Male): A fresh and spicy combination with notes of pepper and sandalwood, perfect for a father with an adventurous spirit.

2. AQUADIYO by LAROME (10 Male): With hints of incense and citrus, it's a fresh yet intense fragrance, ideal for modern men.

3. SKATER by LAROME (42 Male): With a fruity and fresh scent, it's versatile for everyday wear or special occasions.


For Your Partner:

1.  CODICE by LAROME (Male) or SIEMPRE by LAROME (72 Female): Elegant and sensual, with hints of spice and wood.

2. ALBOROTO by LAROME (41 Male) or OPIO NOIRE by LAROME (76 Female): Intense and seductive scents ideal for the evening.

3. ETERNO by LAROME (Male) or ETERNA by LAROME (16F Female): Fresh and classic, perfect for everyday wear.

For Friends:

1. HEROS by LAROME (87 Female): Strong and eye-catching with fresh, woody notes.

2. POLYGON by LAROME (95 Female): Light and fresh, perfect for everyday wear . With citrus notes and a hint of musk.

3. BOTTLED by LAROME (35 Male): Modern and versatile scents for everyday use.

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María Catalina - 2023-12-29 10:27:55

Que post mas bonito

Felipe Gonzalez - 2023-12-19 10:29:06

Gran ayuda para elegir los regalos de la familia estas navidades. Graciaas

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