Discover 6 perfumes with pheromones for men

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Have you ever wanted to enhance your attractiveness and personal magnetism? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we will present you with an exclusive selection of 6 perfumes with pheromones designed for men.

In the world of perfumery there are perfumes that contain pheromones ; seductive chemicals to attract the opposite sex . These are perceived through smell and are very effective, which is why they have become a million-dollar business for many perfume houses.

These unique fragrances will not only envelop you in irresistible aromas, but will also unleash a powerful effect on your environment, arousing the interest and attraction of those around you. If you are looking for that extra touch of confidence and seduction, you cannot miss this guide.

Get ready to discover a new dimension of sensuality and conquest.



Captivating and seductive fragrance that has been praised for its allure and attraction potential. Its mix of citrus freshness, floral sweetness and woody warmth creates an intriguing and magnetic balance.

Sweet and sensual fragrance recommended for winter. In its top notes we find citron and tangerine, followed by a heart of rosemary, olive blossom and guaiac wood and with a background where amber, musk and tonka bean stand out.



If you are looking for a  perfume with pheromones for men,  you cannot stop trying our  TROPHY. Extremely  powerful and sensual fragrance  that is composed of a fresh and warm aroma at the same time, with a touch of mystery.

In its notes, the irresistible freshness of grapefruit and tangerine stand out, followed by a heart with aquatic notes. All this blended into a background of notes like moss and patchouli.



This fragrance will be a great ally to feel safe and that you can transmit freshness and spontaneity. This men's perfume with pheromones is completely irresistible thanks to its components.

In its olfactory pyramid we find simple, but very exclusive ingredients. Among them stand out bergamot, pink pepper, nutmeg, tonka bean and vetiver.



Masculine fragrance for men with a younger spirit, which is completely addictive for the user and for those around him. Ideal to conquer and seduce any woman.

In its notes, the freshness of its top notes is perceived, such as sea water, mint, green notes, lavender, coriander, followed by a heart with notes of sandalwood, jasmine and neroli. All of it melted in musk, oakmoss and cedar.



Spicy oriental fragrance that awakens the senses with its distinctive combination of notes.

At the base of IMPERIO, a fusion of woody and sensual notes unfolds that can include woods such as sandalwood or cedar, as well as accords of leather or tobacco. These notes add depth and a magnetic sensuality to the perfume, creating an aura of mystery and seduction.


Turn your essence into a magnet of attraction. Discover the power of perfumes with pheromones for men and awaken indomitable passions. Get them in our catalog.

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