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Olfactory families arose as a way to organize and classify the different types of fragrances that exist on the market. Throughout history, different methods have been used to classify perfumes, but currently, olfactory families are the most widely used and accepted system.

Each perfume can have notes from different families, giving it a unique and individual character. In any case, knowing the olfactory families is a good starting point to find the fragrance that best suits your tastes and personality.

Thus, the next time you choose an equivalence perfume , you will be very clear about your perfect perfume!



It is one of the sweetest and juiciest, and is inspired by the fresh and vibrant nature of fruits. The fragrances of this family are usually cheerful and full of energy, with notes of fresh and ripe fruits , such as apple, pear, peach or raspberry.

Some example? MANHATTAN ROSE (81F), PETINOIRE (60F) and LAURENCE (20F).


Have you ever tried an oriental fragrance? It is the most captivating olfactory family! The fragrances of the oriental olfactory family are intense, warm and exotic , with spicy notes that make you travel to distant and mysterious places. You can feel the richness of cinnamon, clove and pepper creating a complex and seductive fragrance.

OPIO NOIRE (76F) will always be the starting point for this olfactory family. No one can resist her.


The most feminine, inspired by the beauty and charm of flowers . The notes of this family are sweet and delicate such as jasmine, rose, gardenia, lily and violet.

They convey a message of femininity, elegance and romance through perfume. It is a perfect option for any occasion, whether it is an informal meeting or a special night.

The perfect example is GARDEN BLOOM (22F) , a true flower garden.


A true jewel in the world of perfumes! Warm, sweet and enveloping . This type of fragrance is ideal for people looking for a scent that is both comforting and elegant at the same time, and who wants to create a lasting impression.

Most of the perfumes with amber in our catalog correspond to our NEW NICHE COLLECTION .


Vibrant, energizing and with a touch of spice that makes you feel alive. Its aromas are fresh and invigorating, with a unique blend of herbal, spicy and citrus notes that combine to create an unforgettable aroma.

These notes blend perfectly to create a balanced and sophisticated fragrance that you can wear on any occasion, from a business meeting to a hike in the countryside. If you haven't tried this olfactory family yet, don't hesitate to do so, and immerse yourself in the freshness and vitality of its aromas!

If you want to try this olfactory family, we suggest PURO EXTREMO (3M) , BLUE (29M) or SCENE FOR HIM (40M).


Inspired by the freshness and vitality of citrus fruits, such as orange, lemon or bergamot. This olfactory family is ideal for lovers of fresh and sparkling aromas , who are looking for a fragrance that makes them feel alive and awake.

Perfect for summer days, a refreshing option for any occasion.

We have many citrus perfumes in our catalogue, we highlight AGUA DE GLORIA (58F) , EAU DE ROSAS (11F), CEKONE (16M) and PIERCE (26M).


One of the warmest and most comforting, and is inspired by the rich and deep nature of wood. The fragrances of this family are usually soft and warm, with notes such as sandalwood, cedar or vetiver. Ideal for those who want to convey a message of sophistication and elegance through their perfume. chance.

I'm sure you'll love it then IMPERIO (8M), BOTTLE (35M) and INTENSE (37M).


Inspired by the wild and sensual nature of the forests. Fragrances are typically warm and woody, with notes of oakmoss, patchouli, and bergamot. The chypre olfactory family is ideal for people who want to convey a message of mystery and seduction through their perfume.

Perfect for fall nights and for special events. One of the most intense and seductive.

Like BEDUINE (33F), LOLIKA (15F) and ALBOROTO (17F).


The aquatic olfactory family evokes the freshness and purity of water , and is one of the most modern in the world of perfumery. Fragrances in this family are typically light, clean, and revitalizing, and are inspired by the sea and cool breezes.

We recommend AQUADIYO (10M) or ODISSEA FOR MEN (22 M) for men and ODISSEA (30F) for women.


If you are looking to find the perfect fragrance for you, we have the perfect tool !

Try our "Find your perfume" tool , where you can select your favorite olfactory family and choose the ingredients that you like best to discover your ideal fragrance equivalency. We invite you to try it and find your perfect scent!

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