Do perfumes have an expiration date?

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Perfumes also have an expiration date, so you have to be careful to make them last longer!

Changes in temperature, light, humidity, and excess oxygenation can cause the perfume to oxidize, evaporate, and lose its aroma. So it's important to store them in a cool , dark , and dry place , and keep the cap tightly closed.

Although our perfumes can last for years (usually two to three years), their components can be affected by the weather conditions to which they are exposed. This means that perfumes can expire and lose their scent.

While it's tempting to save and wear a favorite perfume for years, it's important to remember that the original freshness and aroma of the perfume will eventually fade. It is also advisable not to leave the perfume out in the open for a long time, and if possible, alternate the use of different fragrances so that they last longer. So if you want to keep smelling good, don't forget these tips !



The most obvious change in an expired perfume is in its smell. If the perfume has a different scent than what you remember, it may be a sign that it is past its expiration date . It may smell musty, rusty, or just different. Also, if the perfume doesn't smell as strong as it used to or the fragrance wears off quickly, it may not be fresh anymore.

Another clue that may indicate that a perfume is expired is a change in its appearance. If you notice that the color of the perfume has changed, it may have been exposed to sunlight and oxidized. Also, if the perfume has become thicker or has sediment, it is a sign that the components have separated and the perfume is no longer at its best.




If you are a perfume lover, you surely want to enjoy your favorite fragrances for a long time. Although perfumes have an expiration date, there are a number of tricks that will help you keep them in perfect condition for much longer:

  • Be careful with the light ! It is important to keep perfumes away from direct sunlight, as it can accelerate the oxidation of its components and spoil them. The best option is to store them in their original packaging and keep them in a dark place, like a closet or drawer. If you don't have space, find a place that does not receive direct light to preserve its quality .
  • If you have a lot of perfumes and use them occasionally, it is advisable to choose fragrances with longer lasting components . Keep in mind that not all notes last the same way, so it is preferable to opt for those that contain notes of incense or resins, since they last longer. It is also important to know that perfumes with a high alcohol concentration last longer than those with oily or natural bases. 
  • It is essential to store them in a cool and dry place, away from sudden changes in temperature . Avoid keeping them in the bathroom and in places that are too hot, since the heat can alter the formula of the perfume and evaporate some essences.


If you are passionate about perfumes, you know that these are much more than just a fragrance. They are a form of expression and a tool to highlight your personality and style. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of them so that they accompany you for a long time .

By following the advice we have given you, you will be able to keep your LAROME fragrances in perfect condition for years.

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