Perfect Equivalence Perfumes for Spring

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With the resurgence of nature and the explosion of colors and scents, spring marks the beginning of a rejuvenating season. In the world of equivalence perfumery, this seasonal change is an exciting time to explore new imitation fragrances that reflect the energy and joy that this time of year brings.

Spring: Inspiration for Fragrance Creation

The arrival of spring brings with it a renaissance of flora, with flowers blooming in every corner and a color palette that ranges from soft, pastel hues to vibrant, bright hues. This festival of nature serves as endless inspiration for equivalence perfumers looking to capture the essence of this season in a bottle.

Flowers in Full Bloom: The Heart of Spring Fragrances

Flowers are the undisputed protagonists of spring, and  this season's equivalence fragrances are often imbued with fresh, lush floral notes. From delicate, romantic rose to energetic orange blossom, perfumers have a wide range of scents at their disposal  to create.

Green & Fresh Notes: The Breath of Spring

In addition to flowers, spring equivalence fragrances often incorporate green, fresh notes. These notes can come from ingredients such as freshly cut grass, mint leaves, or bergamot.

Perfect equivalence perfumes for spring


A fragrance of enchanting equivalence that evokes the freshness of freshly bloomed flowers in a spring garden, with dominant notes of rose and peony from the valleys that transport you to a dream world.


This fragrance captures the softness and lightness of a spring breeze, with notes of jasmine, rose and bergamot, perfect for welcoming the new season.

KLEO (53F) 

Inspired by the first rays of sunshine that illuminate a garden in spring, this equivalence fragrance combines notes of lily-of-the-valley flower, freesia and white magnolia that makes you feel like you're enjoying the morning in a field full of flowers.


A refreshing imitation fragrance that celebrates the arrival of spring with notes of green leaves, daffodils and lemon. It is a bold, seductive and fresh perfume.

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