Perfect perfumes for Winter

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If you are looking for equivalent perfume options for the winter season, you have come to the right place. In this article we will explore the best affordable fragrance alternatives that will win you over. It's time to say goodbye to the cold with a touch of aroma! 


Olfactory Notes of the Season

  • Vanilla . Sweet, warm and comforting, vanilla is a classic winter note that adds a touch of warmth to fragrances.


  • Cinnamon . Evoking memories of festive homes, cinnamon adds a spicy and cozy touch to winter fragrances.


  • Pine tree . Fresh and revitalizing, the aroma of pine transports us to snowy forests, adding an invigorating sensation.


  • Orange and Tangerine . Citrus notes such as orange and mandarin provide vitality and freshness, counteracting the density of fragrances in winter.


  • Amber . Deep and seductive, amber adds an oriental and slightly sweet note, perfect for the evenings.


  • Musk . Sensual and comforting, musk is a base note that adds softness and persistence.


  • Leather Notes . Adding a touch of sophistication and warmth.


  • Dark Berries . Blackberries, blackcurrants and blueberries provide a deep fruity sweetness.

The best cheap winter perfumes for Him and Her

- OPIO NOIRE by LAROME (76F) Women's Perfume

Of medium intensity. Warm notes of vanilla and coffee intertwine with the depth of patchouli , creating a mysterious experience.


- BELLA by LAROME (56F) Women's Perfume

With strong intensity and floral notes , it is perfect for the cold season. The soft and delicate flowers intertwine with winter freshness , creating an aromatic experience that transports you to snow-covered landscapes and starry nights.


- ALIENCE by LAROME (73F) Women's Perfume

ALIENCE transports you to winter. A unique fragrance that envelops you with its warmth. Notes of jasmine and amber intertwine to create a unique olfactory experience.


- CODICE HOMME by LAROME (5M) Male Perfume

A perfume for every day, to succeed wherever you go.  



A fragrance that personifies the passion and intensity of winter . Light up the cold season with notes of sage, caramel and vetiver. Perfect for this winter .

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