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If you have a trip on the horizon, you've probably wondered if you can take your fragrances with you on the plane . Don't worry! There are certain rules that you must take into account before packing your luggage. In this post we will explain everything you need to know to take your perfumes with you on your next adventure without worries.

In this post we tell you everything you need to know so you don't run out of your perfume on your next plane adventure . Keep reading!


Can I take my perfume with me?

If you are a perfume lover and you are wondering if you can take your favorite fragrance with you on a plane, the answer is yes! Do not worry if you do not check luggage, you can take your perfumes in your hand luggage without any problem. But wait, there are some rules you have to keep in mind.


How do I have to carry the perfumes inside my luggage?

It is best to carry perfumes in your hand luggage and not in checked luggage. This way, you can better protect the jars and make sure they don't break during the trip. To avoid spillage, make sure the jars are tightly closed and wrap them in a towel or bubble wrap before placing them in your clear bag.


How many ML of perfume can be carried?

Airlines often have restrictions on the amount of liquids that can be brought on board. Generally, one container per passenger up to 100 ml (3.4 oz) is allowed and all containers must fit in a clear plastic zip-lock bag . In other words, we can carry more than one item in different containers, but each of these containers must have a maximum capacity of 100 ml separately and not exceed 1 liter of liquids.

When you arrive at the security control, you should remove the transparent bag from your hand luggage and place it on a tray so that it can be inspected without problems.

If you don't have these bags at home, don't worry, most airports offer standard transparent bags at the security control area for passengers. Don't forget to take your favorite fragrance on your next vacation!


Where to buy perfume miniatures?

Perfumes designed for travel are definitely the best option to take your favorite fragrance with you on your flights. These formats are designed to take up less space and weigh less .


At LAROME , we have several options for your trips:

8 ML TESTER - From €3.25

This small 8 ml tester fits comfortably in any bag It is the most practical option to take with you on a weekend getaway.

20 ML PERFUME - From €5.90

For the toiletry bag you can always opt for the 20 ml bottle. You can even take different fragrances so that you have variety during your trips. Ideal for long trips of more than a week. The perfect option for traveling with all your favorite fragrances!

50 ML PERFUME - From €15.90

If you use perfume frequently or if you are going to be away from home for a long time, we recommend our 50 ml bottle . Perfect for you!

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