The 5 best perfumes with notes of cinnamon

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On this occasion, we want to talk about one of the most popular and beloved notes in the world of perfumery: cinnamon . Originally from Sri Lanka , this spice has been used since ancient times for its aromatic and medicinal properties, and today is found in a wide variety of perfumes for both men and women.

In this article, we will explore the different facets of cinnamon as an olfactory note in perfumery, its most popular combinations, and some of the LAROME equivalent perfumes that use it.

So read on and find out how cinnamon can be the key ingredient in your next favorite fragrance!


PICARDIA by LAROME (28F) Feminine Perfume

This floral oriental fragrance is known for its sweet and spicy notes of cinnamon that give it a warm and sensual touch.

The cinnamon in PICARDIA is combined with other spicy notes such as ginger and pink pepper , creating a very vibrant and juicy opening. It is the key note that provides that warm and spicy feeling that surrounds the fragrance.

At the heart of the fragrance, we find floral notes such as orange blossom that soften the spice and give it a more feminine and delicate touch. Finally, the fragrance is completed with warm and soft notes of vanilla and musk that give depth.


This fragrance is a perfect combination of spicy and sweet notes that create an alluring and mysterious feeling. The cinnamon in this fragrance feels soft and warm, with a hint of sweetness that is balanced by the freshness of the floral notes.

However, it is at the base where the fragrance takes a more intense and seductive turn, thanks to notes of myrrh and vanilla . Myrrh is a rare note in perfumery, providing a resinous and woody sensation, while vanilla provides sweetness and softness.

PURO EXTREMO by LAROME (3M) Men's Perfume

The male version of the 37F. Cinnamon is one of its key notes, found in the opening along with the spicy note of ginger . Cinnamon gives the fragrance a smoky and spicy touch, while ginger adds a touch of freshness and energy At the heart of the fragrance we find floral and herbal notes , such as thyme and sage, which add depth and complexity to the fragrance.

Finally, the fragrance is completed by warm and smoky notes of leather , myrrh and vanilla .

BOTTLE by LAROME (35M) Men's Perfume

Cinnamon brings a unique warmth to the fragrance, creating a feeling of comfort and well-being.

It is a fragrance that embodies sensuality and masculine power. The combination of cinnamon , apple , vetiver and mahogany creates an intense and seductive fragrance, perfect for those looking for a distinctive and sophisticated aroma.

ODISSEA FOR MEN by LAROME (22M) Men's Perfume

This fragrance is a true work of art in the bottle . With cinnamon , coriander and nutmeg as main notes, it is a warm and spicy fragrance that envelops the senses. Like a dance of spices and flowers .

Geranium adds a soft and delicate floral note, bringing a touch of freshness and balance to the fragrance, while sandalwood, with its creamy woody aroma, provides a soft and sensual background that lingers on the skin .



Cinnamon is a versatile and popular note in perfumery that has been used for centuries around the world.

Whether you prefer softer, sweeter fragrances or bold, bold fragrances, you're likely to find a hint of cinnamon in  our matching perfumes.

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