The 5 fragrances with exquisite vanilla notes

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The scent of vanilla is an olfactory symphony of warm,  sweet  and comforting  notes  that conjure up images of cozy homes  and  freshly baked homemade desserts  .

It is a soft but persistent aroma   that adheres to the nose with an enchanting delicacy, inviting whoever smells it to close their eyes and immerse themselves in a feeling of comfort and happiness. The vanilla scent is a real  delight  to smell.

If you're looking for a fragrance that contains a hint of  sweetness  , then you should check out our  top 5 vanilla scented perfumes.



It is characterized by its intense, seductive and enigmatic aroma. It is a combination of floral, spicy and sweet notes that create a captivating and unique olfactory experience.

Vanilla is one of the main ingredients of this fragrance and is subtly  but  persistently present throughout the evolution of the fragrance on the skin. It provides a sweet  ,  creamy and comforting note   that blends with others to create a sense of seduction and mystery.


Vanilla de Valentía blends with other floral and fruity notes to create a balanced and enchanting olfactory experience. It's not  cloying or overly sweet vanilla  , but it does provide a sense of  softness  that perfectly complements the fresh, floral notes of the fragrance.


If you love sweet smells, this perfume is definitely for you  Both  vanilla  and  caramel  are prominent notes in the composition of this fragrance, creating a sweet and  seductive olfactory experience  .

Vanilla is perceived as a  creamy, smooth note  Caramel, in turn, is a note that is perceived more strongly in the fragrance's output, providing a  sweet   and  sweet sensation  .


One of Lolika's most prominent notes is vanilla, which is found at the base of the fragrance. It provides a sensation of  sweetness  and seduction, ideal for special occasions or for those moments when you want to feel elegant and feminine.

It is combined with other notes such as cedar wood,  praline  and musk, which combine perfectly with the floral and spicy notes of the fragrance.


It is a masculine fragrance that combines sweet and  spicy notes  with a touch of vanilla in its composition. At the heart of the fragrance are notes of  vanilla  ,  incense  and  labdanum  , which give it a  sweet  ,  smoky  and woody touch.

The vanilla note is subtle yet distinct, providing a sense of sweetness and seduction that blends perfectly with the fragrance's woody and spicy notes.

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Sandra Garcia - 2024-01-15 12:44:17

EMOTION que es el nuevo también tiene notas de vainilla muy potentes. Me encanto

Raquel - 2024-01-15 12:42:17

Opio noire el más rico más mi

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