The best floral perfumes of 2023

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This year, the perfume industry has surprised us with a wide range of floral colognes that exude elegance and freshness. From the classic notes of roses and jasmine to innovative blends with fruity and spicy touches, we have selected the most outstanding equivalence perfumes of 2023.


In this detailed review, we'll find out which is the best floral fragrance and explore the characteristics that make each one an exceptional choice. Get ready to immerse yourself in a wonderful scented garden and discover the most enchanting aromas of this year.


Analysis of floral equivalence fragrances, which is the best?

Floral fragrances are recognized for highlighting flowers as protagonists in their composition. The most common include roses and jasmine , as they add projection and durability to the perfume without being overpowering.

Various flowers are often used to create a fragrant bouquet, offering a balanced and pleasant olfactory experience. To avoid being cloying, they are usually combined with intense notes such as moss, spices, wood or amber.


ISOLÉ by LAROME (12F) Women's Perfume


Its exquisite floral notes, such as Isparta rose and Arabian jasmine , intertwine with hints of chypre , providing sophistication and depth. This combination creates a captivating and balanced aroma that delicately unfolds on the skin . This perfume becomes a symbol of confidence and empowerment for women looking to stand out and leave a lasting impression.


FLOWERS by LAROME (38F) Women's Perfume


FLOWERS is an oriental-floral fragrance that awakens the senses and transports you to an exotic flower garden. Its exuberant floral notes, such as rose and jasmine, intertwine with warm, spicy accords of vanilla and incense . This fusion creates a captivating and seductive aroma that envelops you with its elegance and mystery.


MISDI BOUQUET by LAROME (80F) Women's Perfume


MISDI BOUQUET is a captivating floral fragrance that embodies elegance and timeless femininity. Its delicate floral notes, such as peony and rose, are intertwined with hints of fresh and elegant citrus. This combination creates a romantic and enchanting aroma that evokes the beauty of a garden in full bloom.


MAVI by LAROME (86F) Women's Perfume


It is a fruity floral fragrance that celebrates the beauty of life and radiant femininity. Its juicy fruity notes of freesia intertwine with a floral heart of rose and lily of the valley. This combination creates a bright, fresh scent that captures joy and vitality.


JOYA by LAROME (14F) Women's Perfume


JOYA is a floral-musk fragrance that awakens a feeling of happiness and joy. Its exquisite floral notes, such as jasmine and rose, blend harmoniously with warm and soft musk accords Enjoy the feeling of absolute happiness with JOYA.

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