The best gifts you can give on Father's Day

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What should I give to dad? This question always assails us when March 19 approaches. At LAROME we want to help you with some ideas so that you don't limit yourself to giving a common gift, but rather make it super special. Perfumes are a classic and timeless option that never goes out of style. In this article, we will explore a selection of the best perfumes to give as gifts on Father's Day. Do not miss it!

Perfumes to give as a gift on Father's Day


For the father who values ​​exclusivity and luxury, Aventura is the ultimate choice. This iconic fragrance is a celebration of strength, success and entrepreneurial spirit, with notes of pineapple, bergamot and birch wood creating an unforgettable trail.


We start our list with a classic among classics. Bottle is an iconic fragrance that captures the essence of contemporary masculinity with its combination of fresh notes of apple, mahogany and cedar. Perfect for a modern dad. 


With its timeless elegance and captivating aroma, Trofeo is a foolproof choice for Father's Day. This fragrance combines fresh notes of grapefruit and mandarin with woody and aquatic accords. Combines intense, fresh and refreshing notes.

Other activities and gifts that we propose for Father's Day

1. Getaways.

Surprise dad with a getaway, whether it's a nearby city or a quiet retreat in nature. An opportunity to create unforgettable memories together.

2. Gastronomic experiences. 

Reserve a table at Dad's favorite restaurant to enjoy a special family meal. An opportunity to delight your palate with your favorite dishes and celebrate together.

3. Moments of relaxation. 

Host a surprise breakfast in bed with fresh croissants, fruit, and hot coffee. A loving gesture to start the day with joy and love.

4. Outdoor adventures. 

Enjoy a day of fishing together at a nearby lake or a walk in nature. An opportunity to share moments of adventure and connection with the natural environment.

5. Movie night at home. 

Prepare a special movie night at home with popcorn and a selection of their favorite films. An opportunity to enjoy quality time together.

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