The best summer perfumes for men

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In summer, you should put aside intense odors. It's time to update your perfume collection and make way for the freshest , lightest and most vibrant fragrances.


Citrus notes become an essential ingredient in these summer perfumes. The refreshing burst of lemon , the sparkling energy of orange or grapefruit provide unmatched freshness.


But not only citrus fruits surround us in this season, also the aquatic notes play an important role. The freshness of the sea, the salty breeze and the purity of the water mix to give us a feeling of well-being and lightness.


In addition, green notes also have their leading role in equivalence perfumes for men's summer. The freshness of the recently cut grass, the green leaves and plants envelop us in a halo of freshness and naturalness.


We want fragrances that refresh us and give us a sense of well-being.


Best Summer Equivalent Fragrances for Men in 2023


SALVAJE by LAROME (39M) Men's Perfume

Its fragrance combines the citrus freshness of bergamot with a spicy touch of pepper , creating a magnetic and spicy olfactory experience. It is like a walk through wild and exotic landscapes, where the fresh and vibrant aroma envelops you with its seductive charm. This fragrance evokes the feeling of adventure and mystery , perfect for standing out in the summer.


AQUADIYO by LAROME (10M) Men's Perfume

Its fragrance evokes the freshness of the sea and the sea breeze , transporting you to a coastal paradise. Citrus notes and aquatic notes intertwine in a serene harmony.

It is the perfect choice for those looking for a sophisticated and versatile fragrance, suitable for both informal occasions and the most elegant events.


BLUE by LAROME (29M) Men's Perfume

With its notes of sparkling lemon, ginger flower and mint, this fragrance encapsulates the freshness and vitality of the season. It's the perfect choice to highlight your adventurous spirit and add a touch of elegance to your days in the sun.


TROFEO by LAROME (30M) Men's Perfume

Its fragrance, dominated by notes of grapefruit and aquatic freshness, transports you to a scene full of energy and vitality. This perfume evokes the feeling of being surrounded by cool, effervescent water, while the citrusy scent of grapefruit melts on a refreshing breeze.


ROBOT by LAROME (24M) Men's Perfume

In the summer, this equivalence perfume becomes an essential ally. Its fruity and refreshing character captures the essence of the season in each spray.

Notes of lemon, apple and lime intertwine in a vibrant and energizing combination, delivering a juicy citrus explosion.


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