The best summer perfumes for women

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At this time of year, high temperatures are on the horizon, and nothing better than an equivalent perfume to complement and enhance our personality in this season.


Summer is the time of juicy and exotic tropical fruits that flood our senses. Think about the sweetness of mango, the crispness of pineapple, or the refreshing tartness of lime.


Floral essences also take center stage, evoking gardens in full bloom. The notes of jasmine, gardenia or orange blossom blend into our equivalent perfumes.


In addition, we cannot forget the aromatic herbs that awaken our senses in the summer. The freshness of rosemary, mint or the sweetness of lavender are incorporated into equivalence perfumes, providing a feeling of freshness and relaxation on the hottest days.


This season, fresh and light perfumes become our inseparable allies. We look for fragrances that refresh us and accompany us throughout the day. Citrus chords, green notes and sea breezes envelop us in a sensation of well-being and help us stay in tune with nature.


So get ready to explore a wide range of equivalency perfumes that capture the essence of summer in every drop. Discover new combinations and find that unique fragrance that will make you feel radiant in the sun.


Best Summer Equivalent Fragrances for Women in 2023


NIGHT BLEU by LAROME (36F) Women's Perfume

It will transfer you to the Mediterranean Sea. Apple and lemon are its top notes, while the heart is transformed into a floral fragrance, with white rose, jasmine and bamboo . It is the ideal companion to add a touch of freshness to your adventures in the sun.


ROBOT for her by LAROME (93F) Women's Perfume

In the summer, this equivalence becomes an invitation to a tropical paradise. With its juicy and exuberant notes, such as pineapple, mango and bergamot, this perfume awakens your senses and immerses you in a feast of tropical aromas.


NARCISOS by LAROME (50F) Feminine Perfume

It comes across as a pure and lovely fragrance. Inspired by the beauty of daffodils in full bloom, this fragrance evokes the delicacy and freshness of white flowers.

It is the perfect choice for those looking for a subtle yet sophisticated fragrance. Let Narcissus transport you to an oasis of calm and freshness.


AGUA DE GLORIA by LAROME (58F) Women's Perfume

This aquatic fragrance transports your mind to the depths of the ocean, awakening the feeling of freedom and freshness that only water can provide.

Marine notes intertwine with citrus hints of lemon and meth, creating a cool breeze. Ideal for sunny days and trips to the beach, this perfume accompanies you in your moments of relaxation.


ISOLÉ by LAROME (12F) Women's Perfume

In the hot summer, the Isolé perfume is presented as a perfect choice for those looking for a fresh and vibrant fragrance. With its intensely green scent, it transports your senses to a lush garden filled with roses and jasmine.


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