The best sweet perfumes of 2023 for women and men

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At our equivalency perfumery company, we offer a wide selection of the best sweet perfumes for women and men. These imitation fragrances are carefully designed to evoke emotions and convey a feeling of warmth and sweetness, providing a unique and pleasurable olfactory experience.


For women who desire a sweet and seductive scent, we will present a variety of equivalency perfumes that capture the essence of femininity. From notes of vanilla and caramel to hints of juicy fruit.


On the other hand, we cannot forget the men who also enjoy sweet and enveloping perfumes. We've carefully researched and selected faux men's fragrances that perfectly balance sweetness with a touch of sophistication and virility. From combinations of spices and woods to notes of leather and amber.


For this reason, at LAROME we have prepared a list with the best imitation sweet perfumes . Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading!



The best sweet imitation perfumes for women


It is a perfume that celebrates sweetness in all its forms.

In the top notes, an intoxicating mix of papaya flower and neroli unfolds. But it is in the base notes that the sweetest notes are found: a mixture of cashmere and deep musk that offers an irresistibly delicious and gourmand olfactory experience.



Inspired by the delicious cake from the renowned Lenôtre pastry shop in Paris, BELLA is a tribute to the sweetness and pleasure of life. "Life is beautiful" encapsulates the very essence of this fragrance: celebrating joy and happiness in every moment.

Made from iris, currants, tonka bean, notes of vanilla and patchouli. Let yourself be seduced by its charm and immerse yourself in the delight of this fragrance that captures the essence of the most famous desserts in Paris .



The soft smell of honeyed peach and freesia will intoxicate you . Delicate and light notes that reveal a long-lasting fruity fragrance .

The icing on the cake of this perfume is undoubtedly: its heart note of roasted cocoa.

It will transport you to a world of sensuality and mystery. The combination of notes in this perfume is a very sweet cocktail that will awaken your senses.



It is a sweet and seductive fragrance that evokes a fairy tale .

The fragrance opens with a blend of notes of licorice , star anise , and ivy berries , giving it a sweet and slightly spicy edge. At the base, the fragrance becomes warmer and more sensual with notes of vanilla, almond and praline .

One of the sweetest equivalency perfumes you can find on the market.


The best imitation perfumes for sweet men


ALBOROTO is a fragrance that masterfully combines sweet notes, among which caramel stands out , to create a tempting and addictive olfactory experience.

The caramel evokes a soft, caramel sweetness, which blends with other notes to strike the perfect balance between sweet and masculine. It is combined with notes of lavender and mandarin orange , an aromatic and fresh essence that adds a touch of sophistication and virility.



The fragrance opens with top notes of ginger and green notes, which combine with cinnamon and sugar, creating a very sweet initial impression. In addition, a leather accord is added that intensifies the masculinity and sensuality of the fragrance.

It includes vanilla, which provides a creamy softness and a touch of sensuality, and spices such as cinnamon or licorice , which add depth and warmth to the fragrance.

Perfect for men looking for a distinctive and attractive scent.



In this fragrance, the heart is made up of the aroma of coffee , which provides a unique intensity and warmth. Coffee is known for its deep, comforting aroma. The hazelnut cream perfectly complements the coffee, softening and adding a creamy sweetness to the composition.

The creaminess of the hazelnut mixes with the woody and spicy notes present in the fragrance, creating a balanced and enveloping harmony.



Our perfumes are carefully crafted to capture the essence and magic of the original fragrances, offering a more accessible and affordable option for all perfume lovers.

At our equivalence perfumery company , we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the sweetness and allure of an exceptional perfume. Find your perfect sweet fragrance and let yourself be enveloped by its irresistible essence. Discover the magic of sweet equivalency perfumes in our store today!


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