The delicious aroma of perfumes with peach

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The scent of peach is one of the most evocative and delicious in nature. It is sweet , smooth and refreshing at the same time, with a slightly acidic undertone that makes it irresistible.

Our peach-scented equivalency perfume collection is perfect for those looking for a sweet, fruity and fresh fragrance for summer. 

In this blog we will explore the fascinating world of peach scented perfumes Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience, where the aroma of peach will be the absolute protagonist .

FORTUNA by LAROME (10F) Women's Perfume

The aroma of peach is one of the most notable fruit notes in Fortuna. In this perfume, the peach is presented in a sweet and juicy form, with a freshness that evokes the first days of spring. There are also notes of apricot that add lightness and sweetness to the fragrance, without being cloying.

In Fortuna, the aroma of peach is combined with other floral notes, such as rose and lily-of-the-valley flower, creating an elegant and sophisticated fragrance. In addition, the fragrance has a base of woody notes, such as sandalwood and vanilla, which give it a unique depth and sensuality.

PARAISO by LAROME (18F) Women's Perfume

The apricot aroma in Paraíso is sweet, juicy and fresh, with a fruity note that evokes the natural sweetness of ripe fruit. The blend of mandarin and apricot notes creates a soft and seductive sensation, which is perfectly balanced by the freshness of bergamot at the top.

Overall, the fragrance is a mix of sweet, floral and fruity notes, creating a fresh and natural feeling. It is a perfect fragrance for women looking for a fresh and floral fragrance with a fruity and sensual touch.

MANHATTAN ROSÉ by LAROME (81F) Women's Perfume

The fragrance opens with a blend of fruity notes, with a fusion of red berries and citrus notes. The red fruit note in Manhattan Rosé is made up of a blend of strawberries , raspberries and currants , giving the fragrance a fruity and juicy edge.

The peach blossom note is sweet and delicate, bringing an extra softness and femininity to the fragrance, which perfectly complements the sweetness of the red berries.

PRALINE by LAROME (84F) Women's Perfume

The fragrance opens with a blend of citrus and fruit notes, with a fusion of mandarin , orange , and peach .

The peach note evokes the freshness and vitality of summer.

SCENE FOR HER by LAROME (89F) Women's Perfume

Combine sweet and floral notes with hints of cocoa to create an irresistible olfactory experience. In particular, the peach note brings a sensation of sweetness that blends perfectly with the other notes in the fragrance.

The cocoa note is rich and creamy, adding a depth and sensuality to the fragrance that is balanced by the freshness of freesia .

The combination of peach, cocoa and freesia creates an addictive and seductive fragrance that is ideal for women seeking a sophisticated and sensual fragrance for special moments.

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