The tropical aroma of perfumes with piña

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The aroma of pineapple is one of the most delicious in perfumery. It's sweet, smooth, and refreshing. This tropical fruit reminds us of sunny beaches and refreshing cocktails in summer.


Our collection of fruity pineapple-scented equivalence perfumes is perfect for those looking for a sweet, fruity, and slightly tart fragrance.


Pineapple has become a key ingredient in fragrance creation in recent years. In this blog, we will explore equivalence perfumes that stand out for their use of pineapple notes, discover the different aromatic facets they offer and how the essence of pineapple is integrated into the compositions in fruity fragrances.


VICTORIA by LAROME (85F) Women's Perfume

The aroma of pineapple in Victoria is sweet, juicy, and fresh. The blend of passion fruit and grapefruit notes creates an exotic and seductive sensation, which is perfectly balanced by the floral delicacy of jasmine, lily and peony.


ENCHANTÉ by LAROME (64F) Women's Perfume

It is a fruity summer fragrance with a sparkling and playful touch, perfect for the woman looking for a fresh fragrance. The pineapple note evokes tropical freshness and summer vibrancy.


ANGELICA by LAROME (25F) Women's Perfume

The tropical pineapple notes in ANGELICA are a fruity burst that awakens sensuality and passion.

Its sweetness and freshness combine to create a distinctive fragrance. We can also find aromas of red fruits, bergamot, praline and nutmeg that end up enveloping this iconic perfume.

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