Timeless Treasures: The 7 Most Iconic Perfumes in History

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Perfumes are capable of evoking memories and transporting us to other places and times. Some of them become authentic timeless jewels . But what does an aroma have to have to become a legend ? Beyond its aroma, it is the details, the history, the bottle and the memories it evokes.

Perfumers tirelessly seek to create masterpieces, just like designers who seek to create that bag that will go down in history or that shoe desired by all women. Their goal is to go further, create stories, define identities and have an impact on society. That is why the most iconic perfumes are a work of art that endures over time, and their legacy becomes a legend that transcends generations.

Although the market is crowded with fragrances, there are some that remain at the top thanks to their mythical and unique character . And you, would you add any other iconic scent to this list?

Chanel No. 5

Marilyn Monroe's favorite and millions of women around the world. When Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to sleep, she replied, " Chanel n°5 , because it's the truth... And, I'm not going to say that I sleep naked!".

It is an emblematic perfume that evokes the elegance and glamor of a golden age. Its creator, Coco Chanel, wanted to break with the established canons and offer a unique fragrance that captured the essence of the free and modern woman. "A woman's perfume with a woman's smell"

Miss Dior

Few know its history. The perfume was created in homage to Christian Dior 's sister , whose name was Catherine. It evokes her childhood years in Granville, surrounded by gardenias, galbanum and bergamot; carnations, lilies, jasmine, lily of the valley, roses and daffodils.

Christian Dior wanted it to be "a perfume that smelled of love" , and boy did he succeed.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

One of the most controversial has generated throughout history. The Yves Saint Laurent house launched the perfume and immediately afterwards the name was requested to be changed as it was considered disrespectful of the Opium Wars waged in China. All they did was generate more publicity.

Its scent fuses citrus with jasmine, the sweetness of vanilla and patchouli, a fundamental ingredient in perfumery. "Or you love it, or hate it".


Light, sensual, delicate, intimate, silky... «I am Chloé»

As exit notes, peony, lychee and freesia. In the heart, an intense rose accompanied by lily of the valley and magnolia. And in the background, notes of Virginia cedar and amber. It stays fresh and intact during the day and leaves a trail of moderate fragrance that does not make it a heavy perfume.

«It is a fresh and floral classic perfume and you will be sure to hit it as a gift on Mother's Day. Of course, it will end up being yours because you will like it so much »

Amor Amor by Cacharel

It is one of the most classic of modern perfumery. Its notes are fruity and with spicy touches. The perfume is composed of vanilla, jasmine, moss, citrus like pink grapefruit, with a hint of orange. Its aroma is very enveloping.

More than a perfume, it is the love story between a man and a woman. "It is the perfume of seduction"

Eau de Rochas

He was born on Mother's Day in 1971, being intimately linked with the feminine universe. This perfume broke all the schemes of the time, leaving behind the dense and heavy fragrances and giving way to fresher and citrus aromas. It is delicate and fresh, modern and timeless.

With a base of chypre, rose and jasmine and notes of plum and amber. "A legendary fragrance that treasures a feminine legacy"

Givenchy's Interdit

"I forbid you," Audrey Hepburn told Givenchy in 1957 when he asked her to launch this perfume inspired by her.

It is a woody floral fragrance, composed of two facets that collide and complement each other in a surprising way. The floral facet is achieved with a trio of flowers: orange blossom, sambac jasmine and tuberose, one of Audrey's favorite flowers. The base is darker, with addictive patchouli, vetiver, and ambroxan. "Givenchy's Forbidden Perfume" .

Calvin Klein Eternity

Its fresh and intense smell is one of the most recognizable in the world. Inspired by the dedication that Edward VIII engraved on the wedding ring that she exchanged with Wally Simpson when they got married: the word was ' Eternity ' .

They wanted to convey eternal love with notes of lemon and lavender. "Everyone recognizes this fragrance."

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