Trendy perfumes for women's autumn

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The fresh wind of autumn brings with it a change in the landscape and in our aroma preferences. It is time to leave behind the light and fresh fragrances of summer to welcome the richer and warmer accords that characterize this season .

What perfumes to wear in autumn?

Perfume combinations for autumn usually include spicy and woody nuances. Spices always have a special place in the autumn aromatic palette. Cinnamon , nutmeg and cloves  add a warm and spicy touch to equivalence perfumes.

In this season, we like to feel comfort, well-being and surround ourselves with familiar and warm aromas. From cedar to sandalwood to vanilla , these perfumes evoke a cozy, earthy feeling.

Although autumn is characterized by its warmer tones, the power of herbaceous and fresh notes should not be underestimated . Fragrances featuring hints of lavender, wet grass and thyme offer a refreshing balance amid heavier compositions. Also, of course, red fruits, blackberries and cinnamon, for example, fit very well with this time of year.

The best perfumes for autumn

At LAROME we bring you a selection of the best perfumes for autumn. Discover them! 

Equivalence Autumn Perfumes for Women


An invitation to wrap yourself in the essence of this enchanting season.

In the top notes, there are spicy notes with touches of pink pepper and orange blossom . At the heart of the fragrance, there is a unique combination of black coffee, vanilla, patchouli and cedar that round out this addictive perfume.


This iconic fragrance magically transforms to fit the unique mood of autumn.

It incorporates three central flowers ( orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose ) with an earthy and sensual touch. These floral notes evoke the image of the last blooming gardens before winter sets in, creating a sense of ephemeral beauty and nostalgia. At the base, it reveals warmth with notes of musk and patchouli.


Say “yes” to this perfume. Its spicy and woody notes combine masterfully to capture the essence of autumn in a bottle.

You will notice the aroma of black currant, peaches, vanilla and scented musk woods .


It evokes the feeling of cool days and changing landscapes.

The fragrance begins with a touch of bergamot and mandarin . These initial notes are reminiscent of the last glimpses of sunshine before the autumn leaves arrive. It sits on a base of sandalwood and amber, which provide sensual depth.

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