Vetiver perfumes: the essence of the earth

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Vetiver, known as "the scent of the earth" , is a tropical plant native to India that has deep, fibrous roots . Its essential oil, extracted from these roots, is widely used in high-quality perfumery. And what makes vetiver perfumes so special? Its unique and versatile aroma .




Vetiver has an earthy, smoky, and woody aroma, with fresh, green undertones. Its essence unfolds an olfactory symphony that awakens in us a feeling of deep connection with the earth itself.

As vetiver is inhaled, luscious fragrances unfurl, conjuring images of lush, humid forests following fresh rain. Vetiver immerses us in a unique sensory experience, where the warmth of the soil mixes with the freshness of the leaves and the depth of the old wood trunks.

Vetiver, with its natural elegance, has become a prized ingredient in the creation of perfumes. Its presence in a fragrance adds depth and character , giving it a unique and distinctive dimension. Whether used as a main note or as part of a more complex composition, vetiver is capable of captivating and seducing whoever perceives it.




An elegant dance between floral seduction and the depth of vetiver .

This iconic fragrance combines the freshness of white flowers with the earthy and enveloping intensity of vetiver, creating an unparalleled sensory experience.

In the top notes, delicate floral chords of roses and peonies display their femininity, enveloping you in a cloud of elegance and sweetness.

The vetiver in NARCISOS is presented in its most captivating facet. Its earthy and woody aroma is intertwined with floral notes, providing a distinctive warmth and subtle sophistication. It's like walking through a garden in the middle of summer, where the air is filled with the freshness of the flowers and the warm earth under your feet.




A bold blend of femininity and power with the magnetic allure of vetiver.

In the top notes, an exquisite combination of white flowers unfolds, such as jasmine and tuberose. As the fragrance evolves, vetiver takes center stage, adding magnetic depth and enigmatic sensuality.

A fragrance that invites you to explore your darkest and most daring side, revealing your unique and provocative essence.



Mistique by LAROME Niche Perfume Unisex

A captivating olfactory journey that combines the earthy and humid aroma of vetiver with exquisite notes from Africa.

From the first notes, a bouquet of exotic ingredients unfolds that capture the African essence. It is perfect for those looking for a captivating and distinctive fragrance that will transport them to faraway places and awaken their adventurous spirit.




The RAIN fragrance captivates with its unique and timeless essence, reflecting the elegance and charisma of the modern man. In this exceptional creation, vetiver plays a central role, adding an earthy and magnetic dimension to the composition.

From the top notes, the citrus and spicy freshness envelops you, awakening your senses and preparing you for an unforgettable olfactory journey. As the fragrance evolves, vetiver emerges in all its splendor, unfurling its woody, smoky scent with unmatched elegance.

Vetiver in RAIN is a statement of sophistication and masculinity.




A captivating earthy and dewy scent, enhanced by distinctive vetiver , for a bold modern man. His presence brings an intriguing depth and a magnetic sensuality.

The vetiver in IMPERIO evokes an earthy and humid atmosphere , like walking through a forest after the rain, where the freshness of the vegetation is combined with the warmth of the humid earth.

It is ideal for those who want to stand out with a distinctive fragrance, leaving a lasting impression and a trail of magnetic seduction in their wake.




BOROTO is a fragrance that defies convention and embodies rebellion and masculine audacity .

Fresh and spicy chords unfold from the top notes, awakening the senses with their vibrant energy. As the fragrance unfolds, vetiver takes center stage, revealing its distinctive aroma of earth and mystery with each inhalation.

A fragrance that will immerse you in an aura of seduction, mystery and irresistible magnetism.



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