You will fall in love with these perfumes inspired by the aromas of nature

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Nature offers us a wide range of aromas. From soft and floral to intense and woody, these perfumes transport you to the beauty and freshness of nature. In perfumery, these natural aromas are a source of inspiration for the creation of fragrances.

There are perfumes with notes of flowers such as rose, jasmine or lily, for a soft and delicate fragrance. They may also contain notes of fruit , such as apple, pear or orange, which provide a fresh and juicy sensation .

If you prefer more intense aromas, there are perfumes with cedar wood, patchouli or sandalwood, which will give you an earthy and warm sensation . And if you like spicy and exotic fragrances , there are also perfumes with notes of spices such as cloves, cinnamon or ginger.

So if you want to smell like the beauty of nature , try these perfumes with natural scents!


GARDEN BLOOM by LAROME (22F) Women's Perfume

It is a perfume that envelops you in the exuberant freshness of a garden of flowers and nature. Its fragrance is a harmonious combination of floral notes, among which jasmine , honeysuckle and mandarin stand out , which merge with elegance and delicacy. In addition, the final touch of sandalwood and vanilla provides a warm and comforting sensation.

This perfume is perfect for those who want to experience the sensation of being surrounded by the natural beauty of a garden in full bloom.


The fragrance is a perfect combination of sweet and earthy notes, which merge to create a unique and intoxicating olfactory experience. The aroma of cocoa and coffee mixes with the sweetness of vanilla , truffle and almond , while cedar wood and tonka bean provide a warm and sensual sensation.

This fragrance is perfect for those who are looking for an exotic and sensual perfume that transports them to a world of sweetness and nature.

FLOWERS by LAROME (38F) Women's Perfume

Flowers is a perfume that evokes the feeling of walking through a beautiful botanical garden . Its fragrance is a perfect combination of fresh and vibrant floral notes that transport you to a world full of life and color.

The scent of Bulgarian rose , blackcurrant and violet mingle with the freshness of hawthorn flower , while vanilla and incense provide a warm and welcoming feeling. This fragrance is ideal for those who want to feel the energy of nature and the beauty of flowers on their skin. Every day can be a walk through a wonderful botanical garden.

IMPERIO by LAROME (8M) Men's Perfume

Imperio is a perfume that transports you to a woody forest surrounded by fruits and flowers. An intoxicating, fruity and woody aroma of nature.

Its fragrance is a perfect combination of fruity and floral notes, which blend with the warmth of woody notes, creating an intoxicating and welcoming feeling.

The scent of lemon , sage and black currant mingle with the freshness of vetiver and freesia , while cedarwood and sandalwood provide a warm and comforting sensation. Ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in the earthiness of nature and enjoy the woody aroma on their skin.

MISDI BOUQUET by LAROME (80F) Women's Perfume

It transports you to a flowery field full of Provencal herbs in the middle of spring . Its fragrance is a perfect combination of floral and fresh notes, which merge with the freshness of Provencal herbs to create a unique and intoxicating olfactory experience.

The scent of Grasse rose and peony mingle with the freshness of thyme , while patchouli and white musk soften the scent.

Each application is like a walk through a beautiful countryside in Provence , where the floral aroma and fresh herbs combine to create an intoxicating and captivating scent.

ROBOT by LAROME (24M) Men's Perfume

Inspired by the coast . Its fragrance is a perfect combination of fresh and marine notes , which merge to create a unique and refreshing olfactory experience.

The aroma of lemon and bergamot mix with the freshness of the sea and aquatic notes, while cedar and ambergris provide a warm sensation.

Ideal for those looking for a fresh and modern perfume. The sea breeze and the scent of citrus envelop you in a refreshing and relaxing aura.



Choose the one you like best and don't miss the opportunity to travel to paradises. Also, don't forget that at LAROME we have an extensive catalog of equivalence perfumes . Find out which one is your favourite!

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