5 chocolate-scented perfumes awaken your sweet tooth!

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Who can resist the charm of chocolate ? Those seductive and addictive notes that awaken our senses and transport us to a world of absolute pleasure. Well now, thanks to the equivalence perfumes with a chocolate aroma, you can always carry that aroma with you.


Imagine the perfect combination between the exquisite fragrance of chocolate and the magic of a high quality perfume. Whether you love dark and bitter chocolate or prefer smooth and creamy milk chocolate, you're sure to find a fragrance to suit your tastes and personality.


So, if you are looking for an original , sweet aroma with a touch of sophistication, you cannot ignore chocolate perfumes. Do not wait any longer and discover the pleasure of equivalence perfumes with a chocolate aroma !


When and how to use a perfume with chocolate?


  • Duration: The duration of chocolate perfumes is usually moderate to long , since the sweet and creamy notes have a good retention on the skin.


  • Time of the year: These perfumes are versatile and can be used throughout the year. However, they are especially cozy during the cooler months , such as fall and winter, when the warm, comforting aroma of chocolate perfectly complements the cool temperatures.


  • Time of the day: Chocolate perfumes are ideal for use on special occasions and moments of relaxation. You can enjoy them at night , for a romantic dinner or a quiet evening. They are also a wise choice for festive events and celebrations .


Best perfumes with notes of chocolate

These equivalence fragrances with notes of chocolate have been a hit since their launch.

SCENE FOR HER by LAROME (89F) Women's Perfume

SCENE FOR HER is a delicious fusion of chocolate and juicy fruits . At its heart, you will find the tempting notes of cocoa, which awaken the senses with its sweet and deep aroma. A guilt-free chocolate feast !

This fragrance is perfect for any occasion where you want to stand out. Its projection and longevity will accompany you throughout the day, maintaining that seductive aura around you.

TACON by LAROME (90F) Feminine Perfume

mischief in a jar, an explosion of sweetness and fun that will make you unleash your bolder side.

TACON is like that little piece of chocolate with which you treat yourself in the most unexpected moments. But wait! It's not just chocolate! This perfume offers you a captivating mix of cocoa and sweet notes that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Imagine an explosion of smooth and creamy vanilla , like a cloud of cotton candy that makes you feel like you're in an amusement park. Add a touch of tonka bean, almond and coffee, and you have the perfect recipe for a sweet and mischievous fragrance that will accompany you wherever you go.

LAROME (78F) Feminine Perfume

A delicious bite of dark chocolate.

In addition to cocoa, this perfume also offers a bouquet of floral notes. In this fragrance, cocoa becomes the secret ingredient that enhances the beauty and sensuality of flowers, creating a unique and memorable olfactory experience.

Perfect for lovers of sweet and floral aromas. Her seductive and romantic character makes her an ideal choice for special occasions or intimate moments.

DUOMO by LAROME (36M) Men's Perfume

It is a classic chocolate perfume that will never go out of style.

At the heart of DUOMO are notes of cocoa and hazelnut praline that add a different touch to the perfume. This fragrance is designed for men who are not afraid to stand out.

Its duration and projection allow you to enjoy its seductive aroma throughout the day.

RAYO by LAROME (13M) Men's Perfume

Get ready to enter the dark side . This seductive and enigmatic fragrance combines cocoa notes to create an intense and rebellious olfactory experience.

The cocoa in RAYO is dark and rich, conjuring images of irresistible dark chocolate. It is combined with other notes to create a sophisticated and captivating composition. You can discover hints of citrusy bergamot that bring freshness and vitality to the fragrance, while notes of black pepper add a spicy and seductive touch.

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